The Vision of “Consonance”

Sung to give thanks for a successful harvest, the Bunun’s traditional philosophy when performing Pasibutbut demonstrates responsibility to each member of the circle, to each member of the community, and to the natural world — all worthy considerations for us all.

With a harmonic structure inspired by the sound of swarming bees, the song reminds us that both individual and collective behaviour can serve the greater whole. Pollen is the currency on which the hive survives. When bees gather pollen, they complete the pollination of plants which in turn supports entire ecosystems — 90 percent of wild plants and one-third of the world’s human diet comes from plants pollinated by bees.

This is an example that everyone has the opportunity to improve the world. “If bees can do it, so can I!”

Alarmingly, bees are in rapid decline the world over due to pesticides and other environmental pressures. If we don’t act soon, our partners in nature may not be there to support us any longer.

It is my hope that “Consonance” will remind us of our connectedness and responsibility to everyone in our community and to everything in the natural environment.

by Producer/Sound Designer Matthew Lien